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Dustin DeFelice - FLT 881


“Learning digital literacies by engaging in and critiquing digital experiences.”

- Dustin DeFelice -

This course focuses on the current situation with the ever-changing face of technology in language teaching and points students in the direction of a new worldview in terms of how technology plays a role in language acquisition and teaching. In developing this new rhetoric, students in the course review web applications for online foreign language instruction, hybrid learning and distance learning. Students also investigate technology as it relates to traditional classroom teaching (e.g. software, Smart Boards, etc.) as well as online or at-a-distance education (e.g. mobile devices, apps, socially mediated networks, etc.). For both environments, students discuss how to develop online tasks, create interaction online, construct web pages and give feedback (especially with computer-mediated communication). Lastly, students evaluate the implications of technology on learning strategies, course designs and assessments.

Students are assessed through a series of tasks representing both classroom and real world applications. The main course tasks include two cumulative essays. The first essay is on either an ideal language lab or a tech-infused classroom. The second essay focuses on a persuasive research paper where the students choose one topic from within the course topics. In addition to these traditional essays, student complete a number of tech-infused mini-lessons where they design a mini-lesson that includes the use of a tech tool (often tied to the module topic). The first lesson focuses on using some kind of presentation software. The second a mini-lesson covers a web-based/ software/application alternative to pencil and paper test. Finally, the third mini-lesson includes using one piece of multimedia software/application from any source.

As a unique and important outcome from this course, the following successful e-texts are publically shared and read. Because this project is student driven, I give all of the students first author credit. While I am instrumental in organizing, editing and compiling the work, I believe very strongly in ensuring my students’ abilities and passions shine in each volume. These are the current versions of that annual volume:

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Conrad, S., Elbakry, R., Fetterman, J., Fleischman, J., Kendell, A. & Weller, K. (2014). Teaching with technology 2013: Educators talking tech. Dustin De Felice (Ed.). Available from

The collaborative and constructivist nature of this course led to a very useful application of the online tool Padlet. Go to ( for the ongoing Padlet, which is updated with each course. Students relate to and enjoy, the collaborative, applicable, and explorative nature of the course. From a student: “I love that this class has given me a lot of new ways to integrate technology into my classroom. The readings are so practical. I really enjoyed reading about the technology toolbelt chapters.”

Technologies and frameworks used in the course: